Case: Mast cell tumor in Dog

Marley, a lovely seven years old female Basset Hound-Shar-Pei mix, was brought to me by her mom Dianne in early Summer 2017. Marley had been having itchy skin, rash and some swollen bumps on her body, the biggest one was on her rib cage area. Her vet diagnosed her with an aggressive type of mast cell tumor. Surgery was the only option given with a high recurrence chance. I was treating Diane with her skin problem with success so she decided to let Marley try my treatment.

Skin disease and Detox

Skin problems are among the most common diseases in dogs. In mammals, the skin is an important organ for eliminating the toxins from the daily physiological activities. Dog’s skin is not very well designed for this specific purpose. In the hot day, when you see all dogs panting, that is their body is trying to bring down the core temperature and eliminate the waste products from the elevated metabolism rate in warmer environments through breathing. Which is hard to do through their thick and furry skin.

Despite the appearance, human beings and dogs’s basic physiology are very similar. I use a herbal formula developed around 1200 A.D. to help Marley to eliminate the toxins, combined with another formula recorded around 220 A.D in literature for the health of circulation. I also added a few herbs to soften and break down the tumors.

Few weeks after Marley was on the treatment, Diane sent me an email:

“Marley's tumor is softer and flatter and the rest of her skin and fur are good and her energy is also good. Thanks Dianne.”

Close to 2017 Christmas, Dianne sent me another email:

“Hi Dalu. When I can meet you for another month's supply for Marley? Marley's growth got bigger and kind of hard. I had been giving her 1 dose a day so I've made it twice a day for the last week. Maybe if you are available Sunday I will bring her. I don't worry too much. Her appetite, energy and stools are all excellent. ”

I made some adjustments in the formula according to the weather change. The next email came on Boxing day:

“The swollen area around her growth is gone and the central area is flatter and softer now and I'm thinking to continue with the same formula or do you have to see her? Thanks, Dianne.”

Next year in May, Dianne sent me another email for more herbs:

“I need Marley"s meds. She seems good on her meds. I'm very happy. The odd day she gets more stiff in her right shoulder but that is to be expected if she overexerts but in general she is happy, she plays ball by herself in the backyard after a walk and later in the day and has very good energy.

The tumor is flat and dormant and beautiful. Thank you.

Be well. Dianne.”

Few days ago in June 2020, as I was writing this case, Dianne called me and said Marley had been scratching her belly lately and there was a new bump growing in her belly after the original one was gone for a while. I am going to make some formulas for Marley soon. This is the recording from the conversation between me and Dianne.

Aging, Detox and Health

Chinese Medicine believes many diseases are related to the accumulation of toxins despite the differences in signs and symptoms of the diseases. This situation usually gets worse with aging. So our ancestors had figured out some formulas that can help the body to eliminate the toxins effectively and safely to keep the body healthy. Whenever I study Chinese medicine literature or even just look at these formulas, I am so grateful that we can still benefit from our ancestor’s work and wisdom and use them to help our best canine friends.

Other cases of me treating animals are on the way...

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