Case: PCOS

By western medicine definition, any reproductive related disease is hormonal. including PCOS, which is characterized by the overgrowth of polyps in ovaries. Same as many other gynecological diseases, the cause is unknown and the cure is nowhere. There are also metabolic syndrome associated with PCOS in the majority of cases such as weight gain and insulin resistance, which is also no known cause and no known cure other than symptoms management by the drugs. The first line treatment for the PCOS usually is hormonal substances such as birth control pills, IUD etc.

In this case, Ana is another typical case of how I treat “hormonal” related problems without using any hormonal related herbs. Simply because hormonal imbalance is a by-product of the underlying problems, at least in my eyes. It is simply impossible to solve the problems by manipulating the consequences of the problems.

Ana was a 27 years old Latina when she first came to me for treatment in October 2016. She was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago. She was taking birth control pills for 10 years previously. She just went off the pill and wanted to improve her general and menstrual health.

Draw the big picture

At the moment, her period cycle was regular, lasting 8-10 days which is longer than it should be(4-6 days), The flow was heavy in the first three days with pretty bad cramps. She didn’t like heat in general, her upper body felt warm sometimes hot but below the waist felt cold and swollen. There are red flush and skin marks on her cheeks, the skin is dry.

This is one of the common patterns that uneven distribution of blood flow between upper and lower body. In her case, too much congestion on the top, and lack of circulation at the bottom. This imbalance results in upper body overheat, causes the red marks on the face, dry skin, aversion to heat while the circulation of the lower body is impaired, causing fluid retention below the waist. The reason that caused this imbalance was revealed when I performed the abdominal palpation.

As I pressed her lower abdomen on each side with my hand, the areas where the ovaries are located beneath. The pain was so sharp and strong that she almost jumped out the table. This was a clear indication of blood stagnation/blockage.

The picture was clear to me, the most prominent factor was blood stagnation and blockage at the lower pelvic cavity. By location, this blockage is very possible affecting the normal function of the surrounding organ such as uterus and ovaries, also blocking the normal traffic of blood and lymphatic flow between upper body and lower body, creating the classic “heat on the top, cold at the bottom” syndrome in Chinese Medicine.


Once the hypothetical picture was drawn, the solution is followed. Her treatment is composed with formulas that focus on removing the blood blockage and detox. In KM, blood stagnation is considered a type of toxic. Which is cohesive with modern understanding of human biology. There is a strong positive relationship between inflammation and blood coagulation/clotting. The bio-products of inflammation are very toxic to the body.

The follow ups and refill of the formulas took place every 2-4 weeks, There were adjustments based on the changes of the situation as the process progressed, but the direction and main focus of the formulas were the same.

The Transformation

2016/11/12 Ana’s first period after treatment lasted 6 days. There were a lot of dark blood clots, but no cramps. Her overall feeling and energy level was improved.

2017/01/13 Latest period lasted 5 days, there were big black clots the size of palm came out without cramps. The flush on the face was less.

2017/02/23 This time the period was quiet. There were no clots, no cramps, normal flow, lasting 6 days.

2017/03/07 Ana said the last period came without her knowing it, which was a pleasant surprise to her. Not only there were no cramps and clots, even the mood swing was absent.

The Missing Picture

The treatment was continued until late 2019. Sometimes she skipped the treatment for a month or two, Ana said it is overall a lot better than it was before. She still remembered the big black blood clots in the beginning of the treatment. Western medicine does not take these day-to-day signs in consideration any more, it went too far into the technical details with fancy equipment and examinations. which is a big miss in my opinion. There is no big picture, human beings can only be represented by a combination of numbers and specific medical images. The advance of science and technology has tremendously lifted human beings' lives in the past. It may go too far into that direction, we start to lose our sight in the ever growing details and terminology but forget about the real meaning of life, the quality.

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