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Services and Fee Schedule

Every session is personal at Kampo Health. We listen to your personal story with our heart, and check what your body has to say with hands-on Kampo/TCM assessment (link to first visit). We create the treatment plan that is customized to your needs and aiming for the best possible therapeutic outcome.

Our services are covered by most insurance companies.

Kampo/TCM Initial Visit

Initial consultation and comprehensive assessment, Kampo formula prescription (herbal products are separated). Suitable for chronic or acute internal diseases such as hormonal, immune, digestive and skin issues.

  • $125 / 45~60 minutes

Kampo/TCM Initial Visit with Acupuncture

  • $195 / 60 ~ 75 minutes

Acupuncture initial visit

Suitable for body pain and stress related issues such as muscle and joint pain, digestive discomfort, poor sleep, difficulty to relax, anxiety etc Acupuncture can also be used as a tune-up treatment in your proactive self-care plan. Cupping and acupressure therapy can be incorporated in the session if it is necessary to help your condition.

  • $125 / 45~60 minutes

Acupuncture follow-up

  • $95 – 40 minutes

Kampo/TCM Herbs Follow-up

In the follow-up session, we will collect feedback and new information, re-assess the progress, and reiterate the Kampo formula accordingly.

  • $65 / 20 minutes
  • $95 – 40 minutes

Customized Kampo herbal formula

$40 – $75 per week. Price varies depending on the kinds and dosages of ingredients. Herbs can be mailed to your address. Shipping cost is separate.

Meridian Therapy

Full body meridian energyQi therapy that works on all 12 Chinese medicine meridians and two extraordinary meridians. Learn more>>

  • $150 / 60 minutes – Major circle
  • $95 / 30 minutes – Minor circle (only available for follow up session

Registered Massage Therapy(RMT)

  • $150 / 60 minutes
  • $225 / 90 minutes

Integrated Massage and Acupuncture Therapy

Get two treatments in one session. More bang for you bucks!

  • $150 / 60 minutes
  • $225 / 90 minutes

Have questions about our services? Contact us and we will be happy to answer!