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Authentic Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Service Toronto

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At Kampo Health, we provide top-quality, affordable, and authentic Chinese Medicine in Toronto, Canada, to people from all walks of life. We apply cutting-edge medical science with traditional herbal medicine(Kampo), acupuncture, cupping, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercises to help you achieve optimal health and robust immunity for the challenge ahead in life.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) service?

Chinese medicine is a traditional form of medicine with a 2000+ years of documented history, that has been practiced in China and surrounding regions upto today. It involves the application of herbal medicine, acupuncture, various forms of mind-body therapies and exercises, diet and lifestyle advice for the purpose of relieving suffering from the illnesses, supporting the physical and mental health of patients, and improving the quality of life.

Work with best TCM practitioner in Toronto.

TCM practitioners assess the history, signs and symptoms of patients with a set of unique diagnostic methods, i.e pulse checking, tongue observation, body palpation etc. to identify the pathological factors and imbalances underlies the conditions, and create personalized treatment plan to address the issues in order to help the body restore its normal functions. Read First visit for details about Chinese medicine assessment.

TCM Services at Kampo Health

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First Visit | 初诊
On your first visit, we will sit down to review your health history and concerns, and your goal of the visit. Once we have a clear picture of what brings you where you are now and where you want to be. A Chinese medicine physical assessment will be performed, along with relevant medical test results and diagnosis, a structured treatment plan based on the finding will be created, aiming to address the root problems to your health concerns.

Kampo | 汉方
An ancient school of herbal deto
Kampo, which originated from classic Chinese herbal medicine, embodies 2000+ years of wisdom with hundreds of time-tested formulas. At Kampo Health, we create personalized Kampo formulas to help patients fight illness, clear the blood’s toxins and support their health.

Acupuncture | 针灸
To state that it serves as a bi-directional regulator of our autonomic nervous system (ANS) would barely scratch the surface of what acupuncture can do. As more clinical studies look into the healing power of acupuncture, more and more benefits are being discovered. Science has just started to see the beauty behind the veil. Learn more >>

Meridian Therapy | 经络治疗
Traditional Chinese physical therapies apply the principle of removing the blockage, and opening the channels to ensure the free flow of blood and vital energy(Qi) to heal the body. Therapists apply gentle pressure or other manual manipulations along the meridians in the direction of Qi flows. Abdominal treatment is also part of the therapy to work on the internal organs. Meridian therapy is a great treatment option for general well-being, disease prevention, digestive issues, immune health, and mental health, especially for children. Learn more >>

Cupping Therapy | 拔罐疗法
Cupping therapy, as a part of Chinese medicine modalities, has been widely used in families and communities in China for thousands of years. Through manipulating circulation on the focal area at capillary level, many therapeutic benefits are achieved. Learn more>>

Lymphatic Detox | 淋巴排毒
To keep the body healthy, you have to keep it clean. The lymphatic system runs parallel with the venous system. They are the body’s “plumbing” network that carries most toxins and waste products. When it gets clogged up, not only the tonsils, neck, and joints swell up, it also causes pain, varicose veins, seasonal allergies, weight gain, skin issues, poor immune response, even heart and reproductive problems. Chinese medicine offers a complete solution from meridian therapy, and herbs to DIY detox exercises to clean out your plumbing system. Book your visit to start detoxing your body naturally.

Registered Massage Therapy
At the moment, Registered Massage Therapy at Kampo Health is only available for existing patients and referrals.

How much does Chinese medicine cost?

Initial visit including the health intake and assessment: $125-$195, depending the severity and complexity of the condition and duration of the visit;
Follow-up sessions: $75-$145 depending on the service and duration;
Personalized herbal medicine(Kampo): $35 – $70 per week, price varies depending on the kinds and dosages of the herbs. Please view the page “fee schedule” for details.

Do I need a referral?

No, You do not need a referral to receive Chinese medicine service. However, we do suggest you consult with your doctor about whether acupuncture or Chinese medicine is suitable for you.

Are the services covered by my insurance?

Majority of insurance company have coverage for Chinese medicine and acupuncture service. We highly recommend you to check with your insurance provider for the details and breakdown of the coverage before you decide to come for our services.

You can read our blog for conditions that Chinese medicine can treat in detail, as well as our real case studies using Chinese medicine and acupuncture.