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Welcome to Kampo Health

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Authentic Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Toronto, Canada

Transform your health to a better state, naturally

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Heal From The Root

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Blood transports nutrients and hormones; carries out immune activities; removes wastes and toxins. “Oketsu”, the stasis of blood underlies many chronic and stubborn diseases. Thus the removal of “Oketsu” is always the top priority in Kampo treatment.

Learn more about Oketsu and Blood Clots Treatment

Find The Internal Imbalances

Kampo “Fukushin” is a unique abdominal palpation that helps Kampo practitioners detect internal imbalances in the body and create the right treatment to correct them.

Learn More About Kampo Fukushin
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Meet Dalu Wang

Dalu Wang is a registered acupuncturist and TCM practitioner that focuses on patient-centered healthcare. He is a Kampo herbalist with a scientific mindset who believes the body was created with innate healing capacity to heal itself. He has helped patients from all walks of life with a variety of internal and external conditions. Read Dalu’s full bio >>

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Support Your Immunity with Chinese Medicine

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Are you still suffering from chronic cough, loss of smell, fatigue, irregular periods, or other post-Covid/Flu symptoms? Chinese medicine may help your body recover faster and better.

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From what you eat to how you look

Kampo Health is featured in THE KIT (a division of the Toronto Star) about healthy breakfast for skin care. Read what Dalu Wang said in the interview.

Learn more about Kampo skin care

Conditions treated

Digestive Health

IBD, IBS, SIBO, Hemorrhoid, Diverticulitis…

Mental Health

Autism Spectrum, Anxiety, ADHD, Addiction, Depression, Insomnia…

Hormone and Fertility

Dyspareunia, Infertility, PCOS , Irregular Periods, Severe Cramps…

Pain and Inflammation

Arthritis, Back Pain, Migraines, Sport Injuries, TMJ…

Skin Health

Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Hives

Ready to TRANSFORM your health?

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Frequent Asked Questions

Are your services covered by Insurance?
Our services (acupuncture and massage therapy) are covered by most extended health insurance plans. ask your insurance company for the details of your coverage. Unfortunately, our services are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).
Does acupuncture hurt?
Most of the time acupuncture is not painful, and it shouldn’t be. In rare cases, if you do feel a sensation of burning or sharp pain, generally that is a sign of the needle not being positioned well, please let the acupuncturist know immediately so the needle can be removed or readjusted. Another common cause of pain during acupuncture is when the patient moves their body parts where the needles are in.nmm8
What is acupuncture good for?
Acupuncture is great for pain and stress relief. It can also help many internal diseases such as digestion, immune and hormonal issues.
Do you treat children and babies?
Chinese medicine is great for children! It is safe, natural, non-invasive and effective if done properly with caution by trained TCM practitioners. In China, we have been using herbs, acupuncture and manual therapy (pediatric massage) to treat children for thousands of years. Traditional Meridian Therapy would be a great start if you are not sure if herbs or acupuncture are suitable for your children.

Still have questions?

You can visit our dedicated TCM & acupuncture FAQ page or reach us by phone or email, we will be more than happy to answer you any questions related to health issues and our services!

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