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Why Kampo?

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto, Canada

While western medicine has lost its soul in the last century,
Chinese medicine always looks at the body and soul as a whole.
HOLISTIC is the way of Chinese medicine.

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  • Vast knowledge and advanced testing used in treating diseases, less focus on prevention and maintaining health.
  • Vast knowledge and advanced testing used in treating diseases, less focus on prevention and maintaining health.
  • Treatments mainly focus on symptom management, often leaving unintended consequences.
  • Offers few options for alternative medicine to patients when Western medicine is unable to improve their conditions
  • Vast wisdom and empirical methods used to treat diseases and maintain health.
  • Views patientsas a whole being, takes emotions and experiences into consideration as well as the results from medical examinations.
  • Believes disease occurs in the absence of health and balance, therefore takes a different approach to treating diseases.
  • Welcomes and willing to learn and incorporate any form of medicine, as long as it can achieve results safely.
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Do it right: Original and Personal

Any modification of the treatment at the cost of the quality is not acceptable.Every session you get at Kampo Health is one on one, fully engaged, attentive care. No multiple rooms-streamlining sessions, no electrical devices that are running unattended. We believe direct human interaction is essential for the healing.

Stick to Tradition

Kampo is the classic school of Chinese medicine. With the utmost respect to our ancestors, and to endure the best therapeutic outcome, we keep the way it is done as original and authentic as possible. From abdominal and pulse reading, detailed in-depth assessment, customized treatment, to the herbal products that are prepared and manufactured in the traditional way with highest safety standard, No repackaging and corner cutting tricks at Kampo Health.

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Embrace the Modern Science

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There is one and only goal here: Improve the patient’s quality of life. Anything that serves that goal is welcome.

Human anatomy, physiology, and diagnostic and surgical advances are all helpful and essential for our healthcare. Blood tests, imaging, drugs, surgery all have their places. Modern medicine saves lives when it is performed properly with compassion and caution.

Contemporary Chinese medicine practitioners do learn and apply modern medical knowledge into their practices. Equipped with scientific mindset and knowledge can only improve the accuracy and efficacy of the treatment. In many circumstances, Chinese medicine modalities such as herbs and acupuncture, can be used hand in hand with conventional medicine to enhance the therapeutic.


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