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Meridian therapy is a traditional manual therapy that I learned when I was studying in China. It is as popular as other forms of Chinese medicine such as herbs, acupuncture. But It has its own place and benefits.

The therapist uses a rubber hammer designed specifically for this therapy. Compared to fingers and hands, the rubber hammer has a better penetrating and activating effect on the meridians and points.


How does Meridian Therapy work?

The principle of this therapy resonates with Chinese medicine. Our state of health is dependent on how well the energy/Qi flow around our body. Therefore, anything that interrupts the flow can cause diseases, and anything that promotes the flow can improve health and heal the body.
Meridian therapy is a full-body treatment from head to toe and back to front. It follows the energy flow in the meridians. There are many advantages of using a rubber hammer, it is safe, gentle, precise, and very effective at treating chronic conditions and is especially suitable for patients who are contraindicated to acupuncture needles, especially CHILDREN.

There are two models in meridian therapy: Major circle and Minor circle. Major circle covers all points along the meridians. It takes about 60 minutes to finish. Minor circle covers the main points of the meridian. It takes about 40 minutes to finish. The Minor circle model is more commonly used; The Major circle model is usually used for more severe conditions.

Unique timing technique
According to ancient Chinese medicine literature, each meridian has its own “hours on duty” throughout the day. Meridian therapists will choose the starting point and meridian according to the time of the session started. This way the treatment follows the natural energy flow of the body and can achieve the best therapeutic result.

What conditions can be treated by meridian therapy?

Meridian therapy can help a variety of conditions from muscular issues, internal issues to mental health.

Why Meridian Therapy is good for children?

Meridian therapy is a gentle and comfortable treatment that is suitable for children. In Chinese medicine’s point of view, children’s energy might be weak but is very vibrant and responsive. They respond to natural medicine such as Chinese medicine very well. However, some children may have difficulty receiving acupuncture or herbal treatment due to the discomfort and tastes that come with these modalities. But most children can take meridian therapy without problem.

Why Meridian Therapy can improve eyesight and other visual problems?

One specific area that Meridian Therapy can help is eye health. especially for children. Chinese medicine believes the eyes receive the essence from all meridians and organs, visual problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, vision loss, are the result of eyes not receiving enough essence due to organ deficiency or meridian blockage. Performing Meridian therapy can enhance the function of the eyes by promoting energy flow in the meridians and improving the function of the organs.

How to prepare and what to expect from the session?

Not to eat too full or be hungry before coming for the sesion. We recommend wearing comfortable and loose clothes that are not too thick. There is no oil or lotion used during the session. During the session, the points that are being worked on can be tender or sensitive, which indicates there may be stagnations or blockages. it is common to have some sensations over the full body or certain areas. People usually feel very relaxed during and after the session. You may feel you need to empty your bladder after the session even though you may have just gone to the washroom before it started. This is common because the treatment stimulates the body’s function to clean and detox. Keeping good hydration after the session is important but do not over consume the fluid.

How many sessions are needed?

To get the full benefit, a series of sessions are recommended. One course of treatment can be 6, 12 sessions. Depending on the nature of the conditions, session frequency can range from once a day to once a week.

How much does the meridian therapy cost?

Due to the nature of this therapy, it is very consuming to the therapists who perform this treatment. After each session, the therapist needs to practice specific Qi gong or energy exercise to restore the energy and balance for their own health. Therefore the capacity of how many sessions a therapist can perform a day is limited.

The initial session last about 60 minutes, and the follow-up session can be 40 or 60 minutes depending on the nature of the condition. The cost of this therapy range $125 – $175 per session. Visit Fees page for details.