Chinese Medicine Services in Downtown Toronto, ON

Initial Consultation And Assessment

Our first visit (roughly 1 hour) will involve a review of your health concerns and the medical history that brought you to where you are now, giving you an opportunity to have them reviewed in detail by a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. A thorough TCM physical assessment, including tongue, pulse and abdominal examination, will also be conducted by the practitioner to identify underlying patterns that contribute to your health issues. Once we have all the puzzle pieces on the table, we'll create a structured treatment plan, aimed at addressing the root problem to your concerns.

What to bring with you:

  • names & dosages of current medications & supplements
  • relevant blood work or diagnostic testing
  • patience and an open mind

Follow up session

Follow up visits range from 15 - 60 minutes, depending on the level and detail of your concerns. During these visits, we'll monitor progress of the current treatment plan, adjust dosages and therapies as needed, and of course, continue to address any new or past concerns that may arise.

Customized Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use holistic, natural therapies, including botanical medicine, professional grade herbal extracts, acupuncture, manual therapies, etc. All treatment plans contain a lifestyle/diet review to strengthen the effects of treatment by using food and exercise as medicine. Recommendations are made with you in mind, ultimately to develop a treatment plan that addresses your concerns, but is also manageable and sustainable. Your input is important.


Together, we will decide if acupuncture treatments are right for you. To benefit from treatment, a series of sessions are required, often once or twice/week for a few weeks, and are used to augment your individualized treatment regime. Acupuncture is successful in treating a variety of conditions, including (but not limited to) anxiety, menstrual irregularities, urinary disorders, headaches, and pain management.

If you are seeking solely acupuncture treatments, this can also be arranged. Learn more about acupuncture >> (acupuncture page)

Manual Therapy

Dalu Wang also provides Registered Massage Therapy to help soft tissue problems, body pain, headaches, muscle tension and help to release day-to-day stress.

Fee Schedule

Fees as of Sept 1st 2021

Initial visit for acupuncture (~ 60-75 min) - 120$
Initial visit for TCM herbal medicine (~ 45 min) 95$
Routine follow-up (~ 30 min) - 75$
Extended follow-up (~45 min) - 95$
Brief follow-up (~15 min) - 55$

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Services are HST exempt, and are covered by most extended Health Care Plans.

Registered Massage Therapy

(Include: Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage, Pre/post-natal, Tuina, Cupping, Reflexology therapy)

30 min - 85$,
60 min - 120$,
90 min - 170$ ***

*** Hst included

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