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How to Treat Allergic Rhinitis and Herpes Simultaneously?

These two conditions are so far away from each other, whether the locations or symptoms. You would need at least two different specialists in Western medicine to address these problems. But in Chinese medicine, these two can be treated effectively,...

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Chinese medicine for Dyspareunia at Kampo Health Toronto

Dyspareunia is defined by genital pain that can be experienced before, during, or after intercourse. Primary dyspareunia pain starts at the beginning of sexual intercourse, while in secondary dyspareunia, pain begins after some time of pain-free...

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The Different Types of Eastern-Based Massage Therapies

Massage therapy is used to manage a health condition or enhance wellness. Performed by a licensed massage therapist, it involves the manipulation of soft tissues in the body using various movements, pressures, and techniques. Eastern-based massage...

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