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The Different Types of Eastern-Based Massage Therapies


Massage therapy is used to manage a health condition or enhance wellness. Performed by a licensed massage therapist, it involves the manipulation of soft tissues in the body using various movements, pressures, and techniques. Eastern-based massage therapy is effective in improving your immune system in Canada.

As a leading provider of Chinese medicine in Toronto, Canada, we will discuss the different types of eastern-based massage therapies:

  • Reflexology

    Reflexology utilizes gentle to firm pressure on different pressure points found in the ears, feet, and hands. It is best for improving your mental health as it promotes relaxation and helps restore natural energy levels. Reflexology is especially beneficial for improved sleep, reduced pain, and improved mood.

  • Shiatsu

    Shiatsu massage is ideal for individuals who want to relieve pain and tension. This is a Japanese-style massage that reduces muscle tension, relieves pain, and promotes emotional and physical calm. Shiatsu massage works the whole body but your therapist may focus on areas that require extra attention.

  • Meridian

    Meridian massage is an ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine and aids with full body relaxation while treating musculoskeletal disorders caused by unbalanced lifestyles. It can help treat common everyday ailments, such as stress, migraine, insomnia, and even constipation. It’s also effective for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, back pain, and more.

Kampo Health is a reputable provider of Chinese medicine. In addition to acupuncture in Toronto, Canada, we also specialize in both western-based and eastern-based massage therapies. With the latter, we offer reflexology, Meridian, Tuina, acupressure, shiatsu, and cupping therapy. Set an appointment with us today.

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